How often does your mother-in-law visit you in your home?

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My MIL is based in Japan and was able to have vacation in PH for 3 times in 4 years time. Last time was on March of this year. The past 2 visits, she was able to drop-by our house and had chit-chats with my mom and dad. We also got the chance to go out for lunch. She promised to come back by October and bring her Japanese family with her and said we shall spend a short vacation out of town. I'm happy with this set-up, btw. Lesser eyes to look upon us, lesser trouble. LOL.

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Never! And I am very much okay with it. haha We're not on good terms since my husband and I got married in 2012. They don't care at all how we're doing because they said they have their own problems to attend to. We're so used to this kind of set up and I wouldn't mind if they don't visit us at all. :)

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Never. Last time I stayed at tiong bahru area n my PIL came to tiong bahru market to have breakfast. Never even bother to come up and look at their granddaughter. Then expect we travel up later that day to visit them at Jurong. Waste of petrol right n time. Esp when kids dont like to stay in car too long.

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7mo ago

Same here but mine very obvious because they wanted a grandson but mine is a baby girl

For visits almost none. But my mil comes almost every weekday to look after my son. So does that count? I am reluctant to have too many pple visiting as we don't have maid and sometimes still have to clean up - so I will suggest their house instead!

mine comes twice a week and will dictate what cleaning agent or item to be used for housework chores. and if she sees my mum's items ard she will throw them away, or find an excuse to tell us we need to throw them away. she even peed on my mum's clothes.

7mo ago

Pee on your mum’s clothes? What’s wrong with her? She has not right to even throw anything from your house also!

My in-laws live quite far away from me and my partner so I see them about 10 times a year and maybe 2 of those are them popping over to my place. I'm not complaining or anything... haha.

My mother-in-law passed away last year when I was pregnant with baby number 2. She was based in Italy before but was able to see baby number 1 when he was about 8 months old.

Once a month only pero if we ask them to be here because we have to go abroad and go out of town for business trips, they come over naman.

I'm quite thankful I don't need to deal with in-laws . I don't think I'll be able to handle it at all.


Mil based aboard so would come visit once a year but she stays in the hotel so no hassle from my end