How much do you pay your mum or mother in law for taking care of your kids?

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Hi there. I don't think there is a definite answer but more of each family have their own financial commitments? Unless u really have a lot of surplus each month to pay it parents well? I think u need to consider if they still have any financial commitments they have to do - like pay their own house or insurance plans or their house's utilities? Plus some living expenses? U shld also factor in the money for them to buy groceries and transport to supermarket - because these are some things that have to pay and shld really be borne by u. Maybe add some more money so that they can spend on themselves or have to buy things for the kids if they want to. Like I say it also greatly depends on ur family financial commitments and surplus

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There are many factors to consider, i agree with the mum above. Within your capacity to give them an amount for living expenses. I would not use the word pay but rather a token of appreciation. Also to consider their financial status, are they coping well. Some parents really need more as they have nothing to feed themselves. Id say do what you can, be sincere.

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I think mummy Zhi hui just wanted a range for references.. She might just wanna see how much we are giving :) of course like what others mentioned, do within your means :) for me, around $800 a month (day time), fetching lo back after work..

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There's no definite answer. It will depend on my financial commitments or if i earn more i give more. If earn less i give less . It still depend on individual

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No specific amount. I gave the amount that i can. As i care for my own kids except cooking, i will still give my mil some money for her own


My opinion is earn more contribute more.

My sister pays her mil $250 per month.