How much will you all give your mother in law for helping out in confinement?

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It depends on your individual. I didn't have anyone to help me during my confinement, but if I did, I would have given her the market rate of a CL. Reason is simple, if I had given lesser, I wouldn't want her (or anyone else) to bring the issue up in the future and say that we had taken advantage of her.

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Didn't know that have to give money if mother in law helps during confinement. My mil helped about one week with the first one. That's why maybe she didn't want to come to visit the second one when was born, but wait until after 2 weeks after I gave birth.

it depend on individual... if u give too less in future ( in case any unhappiness happen to u n mil )they may say u take advantage of her ..I will give at least 2k.. it best for u to check also is there any ang bao need to be give..

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My husband wanted to give my mum some $ to help me during confinement. She refused to take anything. She believes we shouldn't pay her for helping her own flesh and blood. She said money doesn't buy love.

I will give $1k as a token of appreciation as she also knows we are on a very tight budget. Most of my friends give their MIL market rate CL price, about $2500-2800.

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How much feel can give her not a pay just give it as a gift ..


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Between $1-4K depending on how much you can afford

I wouldn’t expect her to ask for anything.

Huh must give $$ meh...

5y ago

Why do you think you don't have to give? Is she obliged to help you out with your confinement? Even if it is my own mother, I will still give!