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How much folic acid is enough on a daily basis, I noticed clinic always prescribe 5mg folic acid to be taken daily, however, I read 400mcg is good enough.

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More folic acid will be required during pregnancy, at least 5mg, max 6mg. Generally, your gynae will prescribe you with the 5mg one. It's sufficient. Just take note that many prenatal multi vitamins actually contains folic acid. Hence, you might want to check the list for the dosage. Don't take redundant dosage.

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Yes clinic 5mg. Alternative, drink warm milk every night. Till now i still consume frisomom gold from pregnancy till breastfeed. Its good.

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5mg is sufficient, usually in a tab form. This vitamin cannot be stored in the body, so has to be taken

Please avoid raw veg, half boil eggs ... eat knly fully cooked items

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400mcg = 0.4mg (go Google & do a conversion). You are eating enough

Usually I just eat whatever the clinic gives 😛

Follow clinic advise would be sufficient

I also take 5mg daily in the morning.

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Gynae usually will give 5 mg daily

Normal doc will prescribed 5mg