How many children do you intended to have? How about your spouse? And how many children did you end up having?

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One kid is enough for me rather than having many kids but not a fit mother physically, emotionally, financially. I understand people or couples that do not want to have kids. There are a lot of parents not real parents to their kids. Don’t get me wrong I love my daughter so much. But after one kid even she is easy to take care of I told myself one kid is enough. I realized the responsibility of having a kid is not only providing basic needs but to ensure that they will be a good person. I have many friends who have many kids but no quality time with them. Some of their kids missed the bad behaviour of others on in public. So when they asked me why not have another I always told them having children is a big responsibility. Besides, not all with many kids are happy and not all with one kid are lonely. My daughter's future is secured trust fund and educational plan. She likes traveling doing outdoor activities. I don’t think we were able to do traveling to many cities and counties if we have more kids.

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actually i wanted to have only one child, as i was not sure i would be able to share the love with 2. later on, i really did not want to have another baby as i was too attached to my first one. my hubby always wanted 2 babies right from the start, but we have 1 daughter as of now

I hope to have 3. My hub seems ok with 2 but no objections to 3. Baby #1 girl & Baby #2 boy on the way. gonna see him in person in 3more months! Yeah! Hope i still have the energy & body condition to have 3rd one as im reaching 35 soon.

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i always wanted 1, but my hubby always wanted 2. while initially he gave in to my preference, later on, the idea got on to me and i too agreed for another baby.. can't say i regret it one bit :)

We've got a girl & a boy which I feel that it's perfect already! But my Husband want to have another baby! My answer to him is 'Let nature takes it course!' If god wanna give us, it will come ok! Lol

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Provided you both have unprotected sex. If not how to have a baby? I mean that’s how it works. Most important to me is both of you have to be ready for another one before even thinking of trying.

I always wanted 1. Not too sure about my spouse ahaha. And i end up having 2. My first was a boy, i had actually hoped for a girl. In the end i have 2 boys now.

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Planning to have 2 . 1 boy 1 girl if possible. Haha. But of course if it happen to have more then it will also be a blessing too.. Currently we only have 1 son ☺

Intended for Max 2. Hoped for 1 boy 1 girl. Husband wanted at least a boy. Now we have 3 girls and expecting #4, unknown 😂😂

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i only wanted two kids. It would be perfect with one girl one boy. But we have two boys for now. 3rd boy is coming in July

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My husband wants 4. But because we're not very young anymore, that is definitely not possible. We have 2 girls.