Worry about childbirth pain.

Is it normal for people to worry about childbirth pain even before they conceive. I have some friends who swear by the fact that it’s very painful and they are never going to have children. On the other hand, I have seen many videos online about childbirth and some people commented that while many women swear never to have children, many of them still ended up having children later. Is it a natural instinct in women to want to have children? Or maybe it’s because some people can’t resist the pleasure of sex and ended up having children whether by accident or not? Anyone willing to share how they feel?

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True. Women will always have the tendency to say "Enough with having kids!" but end up having more. This was me when I gave birth to my last child almost 10 yrs ago. It suddenly dawned on me that I really miss being pregnant and having a baby. Being pregnant can be very exhausting but the bond you have with your unborn child is beyond words. It's just so beautiful. Minus the extremely painful childbirth. No doubt it's really painful. It's like between life and death. So personally to me, it's not about the sex. I mean you can always opt for protection right? That's how I planned all my pregnancies. My kids are 2-3 yrs apart. My upcoming baby will be 10 yrs apart from his brother 😬 In my 3rd trimester now and I can't wait to meet my new bundle of joy. This will definitely be my last child because of my age factor.

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even with epidural you can still feel everything when its time the baby is coming out.I've watched alot of videos(one born every minute) and they pretty much teach you how to control your breathing and i give myself a pat on the back for not letting out a sound even when hubby is just beside me,he fell asleep while i was giving birth only to be awake after baby is almost out but it hurts still.I swore to him that i'm not having another baby but thinking back your whole pregnancy journey,you will miss it.The movement of your baby etc.Now i want another one after just gave birth one month ago hahahaha!and i'm not the type to handle pain very well

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yup he couldnt hear anything,passed out on the couch until the nurse accidently hit his leg then he's awake,by then the baby is almost out already.They asked me if i wanted to wake him up but i told them not to cause he's tired and he hates blood but since he's awake he have to see the whole process.Before taking epidural the contraction hurts like a B,he cried even seeing me in so much pain plus i cursed at the nurses😅for post labour you won't feel much pain at all even when youre walking but you will feel pain when sitting on the toilet bowl. I didnt do any big business cause it traumatic for me honestly,scared i tore off my stitches.Shower part is heaven for me but putting on your undies is the hardest part.I literally have to sit to put on my panties.But overall its a good experience and epidural doesnt hurt at all cause you went through contractions after contractions so needles are nothing already.But if you have to go through induce like me,you can't even poop even if you want t

me scared to the max on pain. but heng I have easy labour for both preg without pain. epidural did the job. the suffering is the 9 mths of preg with morning sickness etc plus breastfeeding and pain aft labour. no intention to have 2nd bb but accident within a year. curse n swear like mad at my hub. planning for iud aft I stop breastfeeding in a few mths time. gynae suggested ligation though since I insisted on birth control to prevent myself from being preg again.

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Just gave birth 2 weeks ago. Tbh, if you're taking epidural, you won't feel the pain. its painful when you're having contractions, yes but once your epidural sets in, you won't feel much pain at all and no pain during labour as well at least for me. I didnt even feel when my gynae cut and stitched me up down there. Epidural is a life saviour haha.

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I will be lying if I tell you it’s painless. However, it’s only that moment that you feel the pain, in exchange for a lifetime (almost) of joy. True that your kids will anger you, exhaust you mentally, but all is worth it especially when they smile so sweetly. I personally wouldn’t mind having a few more kids if I can

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I think the pain is just for a brief moment compared to the joy having a family that I have always wanted. i am 31 weeks now and sometimes I worry about it but nah, it doesn’t really bother me. I do yoga and positive affirmations and it helps me really from being scared, to looking forward to my birth.

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yes its normal. i thought alot before i gave birth. the pain is a whole new level that i have never experience. starting i didn't want another child. now my child is a yr old and I thought of having another one 😂 the pain is worthwhile. I never knew i can love this tiny human of mine so much. 💓