How long to wait to have sex after csect?

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Lolol. I was in so much pain and sleep deprivation it killed off any sex drive. I dunno how you gals did it at 2 weeks. I'd say wait until your insides don't hurt when you walk at a normal pace. Some doctors will tell you at least 6-8 weeks. Anything earlier and you put yourself at risk of tearing your stitches.

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as for me i waited 2 weeks😬🤭just be gentle and be comfortable but the longer you wait its better like 6 weeks

3y ago

Does the wound area hurt when you did it in 2 weeks?

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If u r ready n no pain at wound means u can go ahead

3weeks plus after csect. Wound does not hurt at all.

Hey, It really depends on the mood :)

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Doctors say ti wait minimum 6 weeks.

4 mths and counting. 😂 Scared...

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2? It depend on your recovery.

Maybe after confinement

Mine is 8 months