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I just gave birth one month ago and its my first child. How long to wait till i have sex again? Please advise.

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Whenever you feel comfortable! And of course if your Gynae says you’re good to go 😉 I waited till my baby was 8 months before having sex again. That’s only because I had an episiotomy and then I was super dry down there and it hurts to even get a pap smear done. So I was actually scared to be sexually active with my husband again.

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Gave birth on Feb via vaginal delivery and not having sex yet (not my 1st child). I prefer to wait and not rush into it to make sure that I have really recover down there cos it can be really uncomfortable and can be quite painful especially if you've had epi.

depends on your own body. such as, are you still bleeding? if you had normal delivery, is your stitches fully healed. if you're unsure, suggest to wait till your appt with the doc just for assurance that your stitches are fully healed before having sex.

Once you gone for your gynae Check and he says you are okay then yeah you are okay. 6 to 8weeks later is a safe time. The reason is that gynae do want you to risk you getting an infection before your cervix closes. So yeah.

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Depends on you. Can start once your wound has healed.

I waited for about 8 months then have sex

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After 1-2 months should be ok


depends on your comfort level

60 days better....