Hi mummies. I’m just wondering how Long did y’all wait to have sex again after giving birth? Any difference with the healing time between natural birth and c sect?

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At least 3 to 4 months. My wife delivered in Jan 2020 and we haven't done it for >7 months since my wife's pregnancy last year for safety reason. Remember this 3 to 4 months is for your body to heal; if not heal completely and properly, it can have impact on your general health years or decades later. If your hubby still can't resist it, tell him to DIY settle himself (I understand my wife's pain from Labour surgery and she's tired from take care baby, so I don't ask for it). There are many years and plenty of chances ahead for such things 😋 So you both have to choose which is more important? 1) Your Health? (Endure 1st let your body heal) Or 2) Sex?

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I think it depends on your comfort level. If the vaginal tear/cut isn’t severe, usually by 6-8 weeks you should feel better, but there may be some discomfort the first time. For C-section, the wound’s on the tummy, so it’s more like your movement that’s affected due to pain. If your wound and the internal organs heal well, it’s also about 2 months that you’ll feel okay, but again, some mummies feel better faster and some need more time. The important thing is that you and your husband find other ways to show each other love while you’re recovering, and that both of you are mutually agreeable on when to resume sexual intimacy

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6 to 8 weeks as that is the time your cervix will close up. You want it to close up to prevent any infection but do use lubricant as it is still healing down there and will hurt a bit. So lube helps. Once it is fully healed, you can go at like rabbits just careful not to get preggy again lol

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I think c sec prolly take longer time to recover? Myself natural, about 3 months to finally try! Abit stingy feeling though. And if you’re breastfeeding, you’ll be damn dry!

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Doctor said at least 6 to 8 weeks. I waited longer coz tbh a baby is really damn tiring, no libido, plus c sec wound takes longer to heal.

At least 2-3 months. Don't rush into it. Your hubby should understand as he is the root cause.

Yes a lot of diff C sec literally cuts your body Natural not so much About 3 months?

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should be okay at 6-8 weeks, but depends on your comfort level


Was told to have sex only after 3 month for C sec.

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C sect wil be longer.