Mummies, how long do you wait to have sex with your husband after you had a normal with episiotomy? It's been 2 months going 3 months for me. I am thinking after few months is the wound inside totally heal? Lol worry it will tear after sex ..

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I waited out for 6 months out of the fear of pain. It wasnt very enjoyable as it was really painful at first but it got better subsequently. Sex in missionary position just doesnt work for me anymore as it feels uncomfortable so its everything else only.

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i did about 4 months after birth and i had to get my husband to go REAL slow. It still hurts when it's dry. But when it's well lubricated. it's ok

Frankly, till date I don't have mood to have sex either. It's the Hormones plus breastfeeding. And it's been 9months! :(

I had it 2 months after birth. But the first time was quite painful. Subsequent ones are ok.

Almost a year for me. Phobia plus busy with newborn, no time to think of sex! Lol!

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4 months post partum for us

2months after give birth