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how long do i need to wait to dye my hair after giving birth? after confinement?

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Heyy. I waited for about a month. You may also find this article useful: https://sg.theasianparent.com/can-a-breast-feeding-mom-dye-or-perm-their-hair

According to doctor, he mention that dye hair wont affect the child or breast milk. But up to you , own preference

I usually dye my hair immediately after confinement (after 10 mths of nt being able to dye hair)

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Hi... it is not advisable if you’re breastfeeding. Otherwise, 40 days post delivery

After confinement? Need to prepare myself too for baby shower 😂

After 1st month of confinement should be fine


I waited a month before colouring my hair

give it like 4-5 weeks after pregnancy.

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After confinement should be fine(:

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After confinement is fine :)