Keep track on baby when back to work

How do you keep track on baby like milk in take, out put, naps and sleeps... when you are back to work and baby is with parents/ in law or helper? Thanks

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We used an excel spreadsheet which we print on A4 paper. It will have the 24 hours in boxes for every hour. Record time and amount of milk, diaper change time, poop time, nap time, pump time and output, etc.

write in the notebook but written how much the milk intake, time of milk intake, diaper change and put remark column if baby vomit milk or didnt poo

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You can create a chart for them to fill, or use an app if they are savvy. My husband used a google spreadsheet on his phone

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Setup a WhatsApp group with parents and in law. What time sleep and any medication fed to put in the chat

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Helper will write down on notebook how much milk is bottle fed

I’ll just ask my mom at what tine he drank and how much

have a notebook, or just use WA

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Didnt really keep track


didnt keep track...