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How to increase milk supply? Massage? Lactation goodies? Food? Water? Soup? Supplement?

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Massage by lactation consultant can help clear blocked milk ducts and ease milk supply flow. Continue to pump/breastfeed to maintain and increase milk supply, in addition to drinking plenty of fluids like water, green papaya fish soup, fenugreek supplements. Lactation cookies may help too but varies for individuals, at least not for my case and it is too sweet so not recommended for those who are diagnosed with GDM during pregnancy.

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There is alot of ways to increase your milk supply but most importantly is to maintain a good well balanced diet, drink plenty of water and keep yourself stress free. You can do the following to increase your supply. All this depends on individual so you got to trial and error! - lactation cookies/muffins - salmon sashimi - bubble tea - beer - milo - supplements - massage - papaya fish soup

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For me, coconut oil works wonders. I took extra virgin coconut oil softgel type. You can buy from iherb. The brand is jarrow formula. Im currently oversupply breastmilk. Pumping frequently helps too. For the start, pump every 2 hours to stimulate milk production. Drink plenty of fluids and eat oily fish.

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Drink more soup and water. Everytime after breastfeeding or pumping u should drink some water to replenish yourself. Massage does help if u have blocked ducts. Food like oats, red dates tea, chicken essence,milo. I heard kurma milk does help too😊

Soup especially papaya soup, milk ginseng(奶参 (I got from from Lao Ban Niang), red dates tea, rice and ginger tea(Bee Teh) , water and keep latching

Try to pump longer everytime around 15-20mins every 1h 30mins or 2hrs surely will increase but careful for engorged 👍really painful if its engorged

red dates and peeled unriped papaya(cut into small pieces) and boil them together. until the water becomes abit reddish brown.

Lactation goodies helps alot! Eat dates and drink more milk. Its helps too... Avoid peppermint it will depleted our milk supplies.

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Really varies up to individual so trial and error. For me the things that helped were milo and red date longan drink

I heard frm my colleague, she applied the fennel essential oil on her breast to increase milk supply. And it works.