How do you explain death to a three-year-old? My husband's father died last month and our daughter still asks about her grandfather. Do I explain death as it is or come up with euphemisms like he went to live on the moon?

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When my husband's Grandmother passed away, we explained to her like an adult would. She seem to understand it as when she saw a scene of the daddy Dino passed away she cried bitterly saying the daddy Dino went to heaven. To me, this is part and parcel of life they will face while growing up. I share with her Daddy and I will grow old too and might left her one day; but we live in another form in her memories and heart due to the wonderful times we have. I rather share with her early using a good story rather than something happen suddenly and she left shocked without proper understanding.

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i think you need to explain the basic concept, that grandfather was not well and was always in pain, but now he is happy and is living with the stars. even when we tell the kids that the person is living with the stars, the idea is that he or she is not really with us anymore, but is in a happy face. i feel it is a good way to help the child cope with the loss without feeling that the dead person is in pain or discomfort somewhere.

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you can explain it in a simple way that your child will understand. there are many books that talk about grief and loss, and are specially written for toddlers. the pictures and illustrations are very well-explanatory and will help your child understand how this is normal, and the person who is departed is now in a good space. you can tell the childhood died and became a start thing, why not? :)

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Tell the truth. You can try to explain. Saying that grandpa was sick and in pain. He has passed away. Then explain that people get old and sick and pass away. Keep it short and simple. Tell her and reassure her that he is now resting in peace. You can also take her to visit his grave. Depending in the level of understanding of youe child.

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I faced such situation before. Back then my toddler was 2 year old. Till now he still asked me. I will explain like a proper adult would. I said Uncle was sick and very painful. he went to somewhere he could rest peacefully.

Tell him that death comes to everyone. Every body dies due to old age and sometimes due to serious illness.