How do explain God to a 2-year-old?

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Tough one. But don't simply carried away with silly clarifications to the innocent kid who might develop a predetermined perception. Encourage humanity and thankfulness. Teach him mutual respect. Lt him thank someone for everything that he do - have a meal, got a new toy etc. Let him have faith in you or someone he trusts for everything. All these are basically of religiousness, be whatever religion it be. And finally, once he is mature enough, he himself will understand God.

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For us, we shared bible stories & pray short prayers w them almost every night since young. Our church has toddler programme on Sunday for 18 months onwards which they attend weekly. I Guess at 2 years old, my girls prob could only understand God as the creator of all things. We didn't really explain very much in depth. Just slowly letting them know more through the Bible stories.

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I was brought up in a rather religious family but the serious stuff only started when I was older (9 and beyond). Before that though, I was always reminded that God is all around us, He is like the wind, you can't see Him but He is there. He is always there.

Somebody in the sky who overlooks us all, and takes care of us! That's how I was told when I was younger :P I look forward to hearing how other mummies explain God!

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Reading bible stories and watching shows like Super Book and Flying House :)

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I bought books for my little one and read to them about it

sent the child to sunday school is the Best Choice. Amen

They will learn themselves