How do you clam yourself down when you are depressed or stressed?

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For me, exercise is my go-to whenever I am stressed. I would either do circuit training or go for a run. Scientifically, it is well known that exercise increases endorphins, which are basically chemicals your body release that makes you feel better. Mentally, when I exercise and sweat, I feel like the problems and stress I have will "melt" away as well. You can also try activities like yoga and pilates if you don't see yourself doing cardiovascular exercises. At times, I am just too tired to exercise when I get home from a long stressful day. For days like this, I would take a warm shower and take a nap right after -- maybe 30min to an hour's worth of napping. It usually refreshes me and I can think clearer after that.

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It depends on the level of stress or depression. If it is something that is really heavy for me, I let myself drown in it--acknowleding the feeling and then after that I try to detach. And by detaching means that I usually try to divert my attention to doing some household work or helping others. I try to get busy all the more so that I can distract myself from the negative emotions that I am feeling. And after that, I simply just sleep on it.

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Whenever I feel depressed, I will want to enjoy solitude, staying in the room alone and reading a book. As the book kept my mind full, I will not think of other negative stuffs and slowly forgets the stress. At times when books doesn't interest me, I will take a nap. Usually it gets a whole lot better.

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Go shopping, do spa, go starbucks hv a coffee alone (look at e ppl ard & see wad kind of dress sense is tat they r wearing, get amused wif their funny hairstyles & laugh at them urself!), eat chocolates, exercise etc. If possible, find someone close to talk to.

I will just hug my bolster and lie on bed to relax and cry if I need to do so. I will try to talk to my husband and he is the one who always listen to me. Also, I will watch some dramas to fill up my empty soul.

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stressed i would usually cry and have mild panic attacks. when i'm depressed i would usually listen to music and probably eat ice cream? or basically anything i like to eat

I need to unwind by going to a mall and stroll and dine. If budget still permits, I also have to shop to release the pressure and stress especially at work.

I will either sleep if on budget. If not, definitely some retail therapy, finding a cafe to enjoy some solitude and massage works for me!

Hello, I listen to music. I play the songs which make me happy. I mean which I normally listen during happy times. Music really lifts my mood.

i almost always plug in my music and head out for my long walk sessions. sometimes, when i am exceptionally depressed, i sleep it out.