Mummies how do u cope with husband not with u always + breastfeeding newborn + toddler? Basically mostly all by yourself. I'm stressed up.

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Join facebook or whatsapp support groups! I’m a FTM. My husband was still in the army when i delivered. If there’s anything i don’t know or i feel that i need to rant somewhere, it’s always facebook mummies support group. I feel that it has helped me a lot throughout my pregnancy and until now when my girl is already 2. You can join this fb group. It’s 1 of the more active group i’m in. If you wish to remain anonymous, you can get the group admin to help you post in the group too.

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For toddler, let him or her play motor skills toys, listen to music and some activities. For baby, as long as you let them have enough food and comfort i think they are OK. Try to let them rest at same timing. Always think that you are them and you want the best for them and you can do it.

Same here. My partner has to work since the first week my baby is born as we are not married and he doesn’t have paternity leave. But he makes sure I have all my meals and things I need. What I do Everyday is go online shopping and YouTube. Both of these really can pass time.

I'm thankful I have my husband with me all the time. To you work? What about child care or a helper to help out with the kids. In that way you can have a leg care as well. Its hard to juggle with a newborn and toodler

5y ago

no i dont work but planning to after i send my newborn to ifc. currently toddler in childcare. everyday is so hard to pass by w/o having someone to talk to.

Have you speak to your hubby about your problem? Let's have a discussion with your Husband, maybe you can find better solution together. Don't stress up yourself to much

5y ago

already spoken to. husband said i chose breastfeed is my problem and he can't help much. somemore he's going on a short getaway soon.

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you can go to facebook! look for those whatsapp group on mummies with the same birth month as you!

Try looking for support groups. What about friends?

5y ago

where can i find? nope i dont have any friends.