Been feeling sad or depressed?

How do you deal with any overwhelming feelings of sadness or grief?

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Cry it out. Bawl my eyes out until I have no more tears. After every crying session, take a deep breath and be thankful for everything I have. At least I have a roof over my head, at least I have hands and legs to work and fend for myself and my child. Life is tough. But you can make a change. Slowly but surely. People will always, always disappoint you no matter how dear they are to you. Draw a line to how much you can tolerate and then tell yourself, that’s it. I have to stand up and be strong for my child even before she’s born. Whether or not the husband is going to be around.

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Talk to your closed ones. Talk to your bff. Look at your baby. Time will heal. My dad just passed away recently too. Hugs. We can overcome it.

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Cry n just stay calm .. don’t like to talk with anyone n after some time I feel refreshed n try to come out of tht

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Been there done that. Now I’m fully happy. Deal with it with action - resolving issues and move on

Get busy with work and baby and dont think of the toxic people.

I'll stay in my room and just sleep it off

that this is just a passing phase

Talk to people or go for a run.

Talk to hubby

Sleep it off