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How do you describe your mother in law? Please share here ?

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she have been very mean for almost months. posting bad things about me on social media. to the point that she scold bad stuff to me. she has another daughter in law which she treated like her own daughter. but couldn't be fair to the point that she doesn't treat me good. during my 2nd pregnancy confinement i stayed over at her house. and she expects me to do the house works and help with cookings. to the point that i choose not too. i'm tired as i have to wake up every night & morning to look after my nb and she thinks that its not even as tired as how she is at home. and even when my husband prepared for me food, to her it's something wrong. is it even wrong for a husband to pamper their wife while they are on their confinement. i don't know what issues does she have. she is one of the most heartless mother in law i've saw. i couldn't stand with her. more over i'm on my 3rd right now. and it really stressed me out to get stupid comments or words coming from her. she doesn't feel me. i've been so patient all this while to the point that i fought with my husband because of her.

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