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How do you describe your mother in law? Please share here ?

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Not nice not friendly doesn’t even treat me as daughter in law . No communication at all . Anyway I’m married to her son not her so I don’t even bother . Heartless mother in law which treat son eat only luncheon meat when there is so many chicken fish and etc when the son help her paint whole entire living room .

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7mo ago

Same here, she don’t care for her DIL at all even when I was heavily preg and even I had complications - didn’t bother to ask if I’m okay when other family asking and continue to eat her lunch (like hungry ghost) so it’s quite obvious she’s unhappy I preg with baby girl.. Since then I give up on this so-called MIL.. And she even asked my hubby to send her whoever home previously when she knows I’m tired with my baby bump.. The only difference is my MIL doesn’t know how to cook and she’s lazy to me..