how to cope with sleepless nights?

How do you cope with sleepless night ? Newborn kept waking up at night, almost every 1 hour... help?

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My baby is also like this and wanted to be carried all the time. Sadly there is nothing I can do. Good thing my parents help me and take care of my baby and let me sleep until he needed to nurse. My body just adjusted to this and it's the new normal now.☺️

Baby slp, u slp.. it will get better slowly :) mine was a cluster feeder.. latch 1hr, slp 1hr.. so I slp when LO slp.. slowly it goes up to 1.5hr to 2hr.. slowly but surely, u can have alittle more slp at night :) jiayou !

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I would suggest rest/nap while baby is sleeping. Or hire nanny/helper Has anyone to help you with day feeds? Mom or mil. You will get use to it to baby’s routine. Jiayou mummy

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Thank u

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Mine too but no w he wakes up 3hrly. I let him slp together on my pillow and he slps peacefully only wakes up for milk at 3hrly when before this he will wake up every 1-2 hrs.

Hey Mum, I would suggest best is to sleep when the baby is sleeping. Also, it would really help if you get a helper. Will give you more time to relax


You need to train yourself to sleep when lo sleeps. Get help in the day for someone to look after your lo so you can catch up on sleep Too

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No one else to help you? Suggest to rotate shift with your husband at night. That's what I did. It's really tiring taking care of newborn.

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Sleep when baby sleeps, even during the day. Get some help if possible.

It's a phase and will be gone soon..Try to sleep when baby is sleeping