Coping with backaches

All mummies, How do you guys cope with backaches and sleepless nights? I'm waking up to sore muscles and backaches and tend to do a little stretching after waking up. Any other suggestions? #advicepls #1stimemom

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During my pregnancy I avoid standing or sitting too long . Avoid cold drinks. ( occasionally drink). Avoid aircon / fan blow at my legs or face. Also, whenever sitting down I will sit up straight while eating or watching tv / laptop . U can put a small pillow behind the back area. If taking a nap, I will sleep left side. I do stretching daily as well. Go for a 20- 30 mins walk. ( can rest 5 mins in between ) 2nd -3rd trim, I walk more compared to 1st trim. When closer to 3rd trim I tend to pee a lot during wee hrs also. Relax myself , don’t worry or over stressed . Drink a cup of warm milk before sleep. Read books or watch movie. Listen to music. Afternoon walk or a trip to supermarket. Do light house chores ( sweep the floors only 😅) , wash baby clothings batches by batches n keep Wardobe neatly. I’m more excited about baby’s clothings lol. I did went for prenatal massage once as well. Keep myself occupied daily. So I can rest earlier. Just the pee part , kept awake 😅 Some mummies likes to do prenatal yoga. ( must be 3-4 months preggy n above )

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I am glad I dont really have backaches but sometimes sit too long (cz wfh) my buttocks feel painful! Usually wake up to use the toilet once and then abit hard to sleep back! Currently in my 33 wk going 34!