Hi mummies, I'm currently struggling with my 7mo lo morning nap. She will never nap longer than 15 mins. I have tried to sleep beside her, yet she still not able to nap longer. She can nap for 2 hours during her noon nap and 30 mins cat nap during evening nap. She will wake up 2- 3 times during midnight. Is her routine healthy enough as I know at her age should have stretch nap for an hour at least for morning nap. thanks!

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The sleeping pattern will adjust as your girl grows up. My boy was exactly the same as her at that age. He did not nap more than half an hour each time and woke up several times at night, and in worse nights, every hour! I tried different ways like making him more tired during the way, feeding him more milk before bed and nothing worked. So my husband and I take turns to wake up at night and now my boy is 1 year old and he wakes up only once a night and his naps are longer too.

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Your baby will eventually build up a sleeping schedule if he already hasn't. All babies are different and they take their own time into reaching their milestones. Give him a nice massage before giving him bath in the morning and after that feed him well, and see if massage does its trick and helps him sleeping longer. Else, do not worry, as long as baby is active and eating well, he is fine.

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Just as what everyone is saying, every baby has a different sleep-nap schedule. My friends usually just let their little ones decides when and for how long they would like to sleep. It can be frustrating as some feel that their babies are not getting enough sleep. However, there is no point in forcing them to nap when they are wide awake and wants to play.

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All the babies differ in their sleep schedule. You cannot restrict them from sleeping else they become very cranky. Eventually a sleep pattern is established as they grow up. You can give her a massage and warm water bath before bed for a good sleep.

i think it's normal. every child is different. i wouldn't be too worried. my lo is 7 mths too. he naps abt 2hrs in the morning, 30-60mins in the afternoon and 30mins in the evening. he wakes up 3-5 times at night.

About waking lots of times at night, my doctor told me that you shouldn’t play with baby at least one-two hours before bedtime. Making them laugh a lot would give them bad dreams.

My 4 month old will not nap more than 30mins unless she's held. So if I really want her to take a good nap, I will just carry her the whole time and let her nap.

don't worry it's absolutely normal at this age :) your baby will gradually get into longer nap times.

Thanks for your reply! I'm relief now.

6y ago

I latch my boy so it's not a question of whether BM or FM helps them sleep through the night. Hope this helps!

I m expericing the same thing as you, 😭😭I thought I m the only one experiencing it