12 mth old refuses to take 2nd nap in IFC

Hi mummies, My 12 mth old daughter refuses to take her 2nd nap at IFC. She has been going to IFC since she was 3 mths old. We tried bringing her soft toy to school, hoping it's a familiar toy & she can sleep etc. But its not working. Without her 2nd nap, she comes home cranky, irritable etc. I've shared my concerns with her teachers & they have tried to make her take the 2nd nap. She still refuses & would scream & cry, sometimes even waking up the other kids. Here's her average schedule. 6am - wake up 7.30am - at IFC 11am - 1st nap 12.30-1pm - wake up *Her 2nd nap used to be around 4.30pm for 1hr+*. 6pm - head home 8-8.30pm - bedtime I'm very concern that she will be sleep deprived. At her age, she should be sleeping 14hrs (inclusive of 2 naps). Any mummies have experience this & have tips to share? Thank you in advance.

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Same here. my son is also same

3y ago

what have you tried to do to help him?