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Hi everyone. My baby is 5 months now and her nap only lasted not more than 45 mins. Been trying to put her back to nap every time she wakes up but its so hard. So i make sure she have at least 3 naps per day but all are less than an hr. is it normal? Will it affect her growth or development? How do i help her to nap longer, care to share?

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Mine's 5m3d and her naps are like 30 min to 40 mins max. I dont really fix her naps but I've 3 hour routine. I'll try to get her to nap when she's awake for about 1.5hr max 2hrs or when she show signs of tiredness. But she sleeps from 7pm and wakes btw 430am to 6am. Her cat naps are madness at times. 😂

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Super Mum

Does she sleep through the night? If she does, then this is perfectly good

2y ago

Better than my LO at that age. Heh. Does she fall asleep by herself for naps and sleep? Also, does your LO self soothe well?