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Anyone's LO facing the brunt of the 8-10 month sleep regression? How has it been? My boy's naps are all over the place, even when I put him down for nap at the right timing (tired cues: quiet, spacing
My gal had that problem at the 8-9 months period too. It got better again at 10mo but there was a slight shift in her nap period. They are under growing development changes now , most likely learning
Yes mine too!!! Currently 8 months old, actually day time his naps are ok, the only problem is night time slp. Previously he will slp by himself n sstn. But during his 8 mth now, he can't slp.. always
Because he's dropping the last catnap and we needed to extend his wake time! Otherwise, he's rolling too much in bed until he's too wired up to sleep!
Hi, Around this age, baby has sleep regression because of the major developmental changes that he is going through. It is the age by which he is learning to crawl, learning to learn a new language li
Yes my 8 month old LO is also facing some sleep regression. She used to be able to just nap in her room or on my bed during nap hours. Nowadays she will just climb all over me and refuse to nap despit
My 7MO is on 4 milk feeds (180ml) a day and on 2 BLW meals. Approximately when can his milk feeds be reduced to 3 daily?
Hi, just to share, my 2.5 yo toddler is still taking 4 milk feeds a day. I think the key is not really how often he drinks but how much he drinks in a day. Food before 1 years is mostly for fun a
nursing strike- is this common in 7MO? for the past 3 days, my boy refused to nurse for 1-2 feedings. the struggle was intense, he would cry and push away the breasts. I had to bottle feed him with
Nursing strike is common in babies between three and eight months old. Nursing strike usually only last for a few days (but could go up to 10 days). Here’s what you can do. During the strike, you need
Have you recently started work? It happens when you stop spending the same amount of time with bb.
What are herbs/food to avoid for a BF mother whose baby has jaundice? Is it a myth that ginger aggregates/ delays the recovery of neonatal jaundice in BF babies?
I heard is ginger
The whole ginger and jaundice issue is actually a myth and I don't think there's any thing scientific regarding it. A lot of babies get jaundice in their first few days, because their liver is immatur
I am heading back to work in Nov and would have spent 9 months with my boy at home (took NPL). What are some of your advice as I transit from a SAHM to a FTWM? My husband will be taking care of my boy
Hi mummy, having spent 9 months with your boy.. I'm guessing it will not be an easy process having to be away from him and adapting back to working life. What kept some of my friends grounded when
my 6MO normally pushes away the breast when he has enough. recently, he's a bit fussy hence I offered 90-120ml of EBM and he finished them all in addition to his earlier latching. is this normal? I am
Would think he is into the stage of a growth spurt. This would normally last a week or so depending on individual. At times, when baby is still young, they aren't sure when they are full, so ple
Babies tend to appear hungrier when they are going through a growth spurt. During this period, baby would feed more and need less sleep. He/she may also appear clingy and more restless. It will last f
Maybe not true. Pls chk on Yr latching and see if it is an issue. Usually, babies will prefer our breast if we r breastfeeding.
Gardner's model of multiple intelligence seems to be in conflict with the Sternberg's triarchic model adopted by the Ministry of Education in Singapore. What benefits would children have if they are e
This is just my personal take. I feel that Gardner's multiple intelligence offered a great way of developing a child that takes the focus away from simply looking at one's academic performance. It
preschool feedback
Any feedback for Eager Beaver @ Yishun? How are the teachers and curriculum for childcare?
Learnt from my sis coll, the principal is good
My cousin told me that her daughter is in Eager Beaver Safra @ Mt Faber. She is having a great time there. The school is neat and clean and the teachers & principal are very friendly. The daughter
have a fren with a child there and she says the daughter loves going to childcare there and the teachers r nice yet firm.
is it safe for babies to be exposed to chlorinated water (free chlorine concentration of 1ppm) in swimming pools? eg small splashes of water get on their face, and potentially into their mouths if the
I think it's fine for babies to be swimming in chlorine pools. but I limit them to around 30mins-45mins
My boy started swimming at very young age, he still swims now. It's okay for a short time spend. Don't stay too long in pools for their first time. Maybe 30 mins water play time. (: Hope it works.
Yes I started my kids Swimming at 4 months of age. I don't believe there is any issue with the chlorinated water. There is always baby spa outlets if you really Want unchlorinated water but the cost i
If your child is sensitive to it, try looking for a saltwater pool or make your own pool at home. Otherwise as long as your child's eyes don't turn red quickly and skin doesn't become very dry/develop
Should be fine. Baby swimming lessons start at 3 month old and the swim coaches submerge and let them dive underwater. Babies might take some chlorinated water into their mouth but it should be fine.
Any parents introduce homeopathic teething tablets to their babies? Do they work?
A friend bought the ones from the brand Hylands and she said they worked great. Contains natural herbs known for their soothing properties like belladonna. Supposedly dissolves very fast and results a
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