My elder son is going to N1 next year. 1. Would like to enroll him for phonics classes. Where is a good one? 2. School do teach phonics. Will I be confusing him if I send him for the extra classes? 3. What do you pack i his school bag, for a little boy, going to N1?

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1. You can try I Can Read, LCentral, or Zoophonics. 2. Actually for this age, I feel that it's not really necessary to go for extra classes. He's still very young and school is more than sufficient for him. There are different phonics programmes out there and different teaching approaches. It might be confusing for him. 3. If he is in childcare, you will need a set of fresh clothes, towel, diapers(if needed), water bottle, raincoat(optional), and stuff like blanket or pillow for naptime. If its just short 3 hours, probably a set of clothes in case he soils himself, and water bottle. But to be doubly sure, you can check with the school if anyting else is needed.

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There is different type of phonics. Check what type of phonics school is teaching, you don't confused them. Will you be going full day or 2-3 hours lesson? 2-3 hours usually don't need a lot of thing, if he is not toilet train than will, diapers, extra set of clothing, water bottle. Nothing much needed. Full day, you might need a lot. Milk powder with milk bottle, diapers, extra 2 set of clothing, water bottle, and smelly smelly to help him nap in school.

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I guess your little one is going to a kindergarten preschool instead of childcare. 1. I can read, Zoophonics and Lcentral 2. Normally enrichment class' pace of teaching is faster than in the school. It won't be confusing since learning on the same language. 3. Water bottles, a set of clothes, tiissue paper and mosquito patches,

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There is a mom here who was a teacher before and she posted about a Phonic class. You may want to pm her, her name is Aeryn. As for the school bag, I put in Diapers, milk powder, afternoon uniform, 1 set of extra home clothes, towel, blanket and small pillow, lastly water bottle.

My boy is in I can read. I think it helps him in his phonics. The teachers are engaging as well. wouldn't be confusing to what they learned in schools. Dun worry. As for N1, extra clothing, water bottle will do.My gal in N1. These are what i pack in her bag!

Why don't you ask the school what they use for phonics and then reinforce with the same programme at home? I think most would use letterland and you can download the songs from YouTube and sing along with your son at home

I would recommend I Can read or My english sch. my both DD are from there and start at age 3.. now the eldest already P5, spelling was such a easy task right now!

so far my 3 elder kids have went to Read in a week at Krtc at AMK. I find Mrs Teo is a very good teacher, I am gg to send my no.4 there next time too!