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influenza A
Hi, wanted to seek views on behalf of my friend. Her elder has influenza A and is on tamiflu. As a preventive measure, her younger 1 yo can also take to prevent getting the germs. No fever yet. But sh
I just spoke to a friend and another dr in US. They have mentioned the recommendation is for people who had direct contact to take tamiflu for preventive. That is for adults. For kids it is better to
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Tamiflu should only be taken if the person definitely has the flu virus infection. Please don’t take it as a preventive measure, especially for such a young child
how often your kids get fever, followed by flu, cough etc. Mine, 5 plus, seems to be falling sick these few months. Almost every month. how to boost their immune?
Take immunped
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Hi, my baby (15 months) and my boy (5 years old) now, they actually fell sick (fever, flu and cough) quick often when I enrolled them to childcare and infant care. I took a lot of leave for that peri
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Try biogaia ?
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You can try giving supplements to your child. Kids at this age fall sick easily. It gets better as they grow older(:
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any cake shop to recommend ard hougang? reasonable n nice? looking at cupcakes, macarons etc and birthday cake for lo birthday!
If you decide to order online, try Edith Patisserie
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Try some of the online options. They are good.
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Instagram J_cakery
You can try"Hatter Street", its really good!
hello mummies, my gal is emo when goin sch recently. turning 3. 😭 used to b ok. now getting worse. kept crying. check with her and she only said missed mummy. sigh..any tips?
I experienced this with my 2.5yo too! If nothing has changed in the school environment, (change of teachers, classmates, bullying etc), then she may just be missing you. Maybe you can try to spend mor
Aww. Sorry that your little one is being emo. Is there anything about the school environment she does not enjoy?
will u give you LO flu vaccine? if yes, how old? if no, why? tks!
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not now. LO still young. it cant be 100% preventive
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Yes I would - and I did! Don't exactly remember when, but I give my son all the possible vaccinations he could have - even the optional ones like rotavirus, pneumococcal and Hep A :) Before you decid
No i will not give. The body can fight on it's own
I didn't give I believe the body can overcome flu virus
Yes i will give but at a later age. I want their immunity to build up own their own first before depending on such vaccines
heard that cod liver oil can improve kiddo immunity. but my kid not keen in original scott cod liver oil. any other brand to recommend tat is more tasty? gnc? scott orange? didnt want to buy n discard
The one by GNC is really good. It tastes like strawberry apparently, which is great for kids (personally for me too, I hate the taste of original cod liver oil). Maybe you can give that a try? It's fo
My friend found it effective in strengthening her child's immune system. If you still have the some original scott leftover, you can try adding it to milk, honey or syrup for your child to help improv
any gd pd to recommend at hougang?
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Dr Saw, Hougang ave 8
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Abc clinic
u can try anthony baby clinic at 327 hougang ave 5. heard that he is good but very crowded. The 1 I went is at compass 1 the kid's clinic, Dr Lilian Lim. She was assign to me when my LO was born. You
Agree with the mommy above -- Kids Clinic at Rivervale Mall comes highly recommended by my friends who live in the area. The doctors, Dr Tan and Dr Lim, are very patient, friendly and accomodating
Not too sure about hougang, but if you are willing to travel up slightly further, the 2 PDs at kids clinic are good! They are currently located at rivervale mall, but would be moving to compass one so
Preloved gd condition cot for sale. pm if keen!
Location please
Its nice. Is it still available?
here it goes
thumb image
Hi! Do you have a photo you can share with us? Would be good if potential buyers could see how it looks like :)
Any nice and reasonable dinner tingkat to recommend?
Meihao catering, Lexin:)
le xin
Mum’s cooking !
I'm using now but recenlty I ordered a mini buffet from through a friend recommendation and i'm sa
5 yo coughing. can self medicate? what medicine off the shelf is gd for cough?
Yu Ren Sheng kidz cough powder. Continuing feed 3 days . That's vr gd for child.
How long has kid been coughing? Any phlegm along with it? You can get Prospan, its safe and uses natural ingredients as well. It can be purchased from Guardian or Watsons. Most GP alsp gives Prospa
See a homeopath for natural remedies. Cough can lead to bronchitis. No joke.
Leftose, flumucil is pretty good.
I think better bring to doctor or if u believe tcm can try tcm too