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hi parents, im a divocee and my son is going pr 1 next year. thought of enrolling him in st andrew juniour as its near my wrk place and easier for me to send him along the way. Any parents know if there's any chance for me to get him registered in the school or donations that can be made? I be looking for a property near the school mayb potong pasir,after i sell off my current house with my ex. if any parents have similar experience, do share. it would be a great help. ?

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Tough school to get into. Staying near will help if you are not currently an alumni since under current regulations, homeowners who live within 1km from a school will be given priority during the primary school registration exercise. However do take note that as of 2015, there is a minimum stay requirement for parents who want their children to gain priority admission to schools based on distance – they’ll need to live in the property for 30 months by the start of the registration exercise.

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5y ago

yes2 tough school, my ex is a st andrew student. not sure if he can coporate on this,but wnt want to hope soo high for him to settle all the paper wrk etc. anyway my 1st daughter is in St Margaret,it just luck for me tonget in the school base on donations..lm not sure how my luck this time. happen everytime whenever the kids gg start school and us parents need to choose a school for them. haiz.

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My understanding is that July is the registration, for volunteer works you need to ballot and complete a certain number to be for phase 2B. House address if not update not sure in time. Can check if MP can help?

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I remember if house within 1 km and if you do volunteering will have chance

try doing parent volunteer