Is it really important to enroll your child into extra-curricular classes after school? I have seen many parents send their kids to drawing and dance classes after school.

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Pls understand tht ur child has limitations. All kids have different intelligence. Like some are linear (can be good at regular methods of learning) thinkers or some are kinesthetic ( like to paint, keep moving, use their hands in a lot of things)...if u Google search the 9 kinds of intelligence in kids, u will get to know how many different ways a child can be unique. Pls don't try to fit ur kid into a set mould that all are trying to fit theirs into. Learn by observation how unique your kid is and try to enhance that. Maybe right now your child may go along for all this but what if he/she is just not interested. From early on you will unknowingly make your kid kill it's own interests to try and please you by doing what you's not wrong on your part to think in that way becoz we parents want what's best for our kids. But we parents can at least try to find what interests our child and do accordingly. Pls don't mind if I'm too outspoken on this....

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Indeed! It's extremely important for your child to participate in extra-curricular activities for his/her overall development. Your child's brain will get sharpened if you promote him/her to participate in extra-curricular & co-curricular activities. Such activities expose your child to new things/people, and it is, hence, very important. You can also look at parent-child activities to foster your relationship along with sharpening your child's brain. I am thinking of participating in a unique parent-child quiz called Dell Champs which has a scholarship worth Rs.1 Lakh up for grabs. You can check it out too- Hope this helps! :)

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No, I don't think its important. Till last year when I was living in Mumbai, I saw that there is this culture of sending kids to extra-curricular classes and keep the kid engaged throughout the day with one thing or the other. I, too, used to send my kid to dance class but only with a notion for him to have fun with other kids, not with the primary motive to learn dance. Also, the classes were just two days a week so it didn't put pressure on him. Instead of sending him to a class everyday, I would rather make him have a nap or let him play with his own toys and spend time with him.

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My child is an active child and get bore easily. I just thought that she should use her energy productively by enrolling her in reading (Kumon) after class. And she likes it. Support your child if there's an interest and don't push if he/she don't like. Remember that each children are different. Let them enjoy childhood because the most important at this stage is the memory that they are happy. 😄💜

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As parents, I think our role is to prepare our child for the road ahead, not prepare the road for our child. So there isn't a very important or not important at all. Different strokes for different folks. For me - my boy attends music because that's what he shows interest in.

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i feel most important is whether your kid has the interest or not. for my case because my hubby is a musician , so naturally he wants him to learn music so we enrolled him at the age of 3 till now 4yrs plus. he enjoyed himself and showed his interest and now still continuing.

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Thanks! That helps :)

For me, if my child expresses interest or potential in any activity or sport, I might send them to such enrichment classes to hone the skill. Alternatively, if they are old enough and the class or club is available in their schools, they can just sign up there.

it is not important to follow what others are doing. but if your kid shows interest amd is able to afford. why not? my child seems to be the kinesthetic kind.. so when she asked for piano.. i just find a reasonable price one to let her try.

I dun find it necessary unless he really has interest in it & mentions to u tat he wanna join. It is already so tiring after school & children need more rest so tat their brain can focus on his homework & oso when back to sch e next day.

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If your kids have interest and you can afford why not? Just remember 1 thing, don't let it become a force thinking by your kids instead. Do communicate with them to find out their interest and thinking about it.

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