My helper wants to fast

My helper is from indonesia and today she asked if she can start fasting tomorrow. Her agreement with her agency was that she would not fast while working here. Her main duties are housework, laundry and cooking. i am concerned that she would not be able to take it. She is my first helper. Anyone here have domestic helpers who are fasting? or not fasting? Any advice?

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Thats not right. Yes she might have agreed that she will not fast during her time here, but tbh dont we sometimes agree to unfavourable conditions w/o considering it thoroughly during an interview just cos we want that particular job? Lol. Fasting is part of every muslim’s obligation. Not letting your helper fast is basically similar to stripping a person to her right of practicing her own religion — eg; going to church, praying, observing certain religious events etc... Yes, she is able to compensate the days of not fasting but there must be solid, justifiable reasons as to why she doesnt fast (period, very ill). I’m sure she has been fasting since young and would know how to juggle hard labour and fasting. If she really cannot endure it, then it’s up to her whether she still wants to continue fasting during work hours or not. As an employer, we need to also respect their rights as a human being and understand their needs.

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If she does her work as per normal and feels well, I don't see why she cannot fast and work. Most Muslims start fasting at a young age and alot of us carry out our work, go to school and duties with no issues because we are quite used to it. Even if she needs to cook during her fast, it is permitted for her to take a tiny taste. Reckon your helper can manage, if she can't she will not fast and "repay" the fast another day.

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As a Muslim, I’ve fasted while doing intensive physical activity including running, rock climbing & lifting weights. Many of our NS boys fast all through their training too. If she’s been fasting all her life, she’ll be able to take it and it’s really her decision to decide if she can’t take the strain physically. It’s good that you’re asking ahead instead of being a dictator about it.

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It's incredibly shocking to me that anybody feels that can tell their helper that they can not fast. Can you imagine if any other type of employer insisted upon staff not fasting?! They'd probably be sued for human rights! Let your helper follow her religious practices as is her basic right as a human being.

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I think they would really appreciate it if you respect their decision to fast. They are used to fasting so they should be able to take it while working. They would still eat before and after when they break fast daily, so I don’t see it as a big issue :) Discuss and be open with your helper and see what she feels and think :)

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My helper is fasting. No issues. I think we should respect their religion and let them fast. If You feel her energy has declined you can speak to her about it. She's probably been doing it for years and would know how to handle work and her religious practices

If she is Muslim then just let her fast. The only time muslim women cannot fast is when they are on their period. Come on, this wont be her first time fasting. Even she become ur maid im sure she got fast before and manage to get her work done.

My helper request but I told her no in a nice way as she need to work. I told her she can always pay back when she is back in Indonesia.

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ok sis. im appalled.

You can’t stop someone from completing her needs, in my opinion. If you’re not agreeable with her fasting, choose another maid.

Respect her religion and let her fast. If she can't cope with the work and practice fasting, she will stop eventually.