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I would like to share all my pent up frustrations with regards to my helper who is only here with me for a month. Kindly share your views with me and let me know what kind of helper I have if u are very experience with helpers. My helper is indonesian. - Buy food for her but she throw away the food saying she doesn't like to eat that..if she eat she will vomit..picky about nasi padang say the nasi padang rice not nice and she rather eat white rice - Out of goodwill wanted to get her bolster, but she told me she wants to go retail and choose instead as she likes soft type of bolster, don't like hard type - Already told her strictly not allowed to use hp during working hours. One day at around 3pm+ she suddenly asked me, can she do video call with her mother at that point of time, i asked why she said her mother want to see my LO to which i say NO. - Requested for sambal belacan but want exactly the brand/taste she is looking for..already picked what she wanted and the taste is not the same and she doesn't want anymore..die die want to look for sambal belacan again and of cuz the paymaster is me - Bring her go supermarket she act like she is on a shopping spree..taking this and that - Saw her kiss my LO on his neck - So I have preloved clothings to give away and helper saw she said ask me to give her, she will send back to Indonesia. However not soon after she told me she tried all my clothes and she like this particular pajamas dress and asked me if she could wear it of cuz i say NO and asked her to give away - Bought 42 packets of drinks and 1 week plus later left 6 the house me hubby and and hubby will take 1 or 2 packet on certain days and I realised helper helped herself to a packet drink daily (she asked me permission before if she can drink too and I said yes but I never expect she is not automatic) There are many many more stories about my helper and she has been with me for a month only..i am not kidding for almost 30 days she will have a new request everyday. Kindly advise me how to deal with her. Thanks.

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change for a new one I think your helper is here to enjoy not doing work. previously I had one like that too. really ridiculous everyday complaining tired cos she is allow to use phone after 9pm and she use until 2 3am. my current helper will not request stuff. if we buy food for her she will just eat if can't finish she will keep it up and eat it later she say sayang. when she need necessities she always offered to pay herself which we didn't accept. the only thing she request is a t-shirt of every country we go for holiday that's all.

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I m going to hire a helper in two months time. Hope it's a good one.