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Help! I'll be induce on monday and last checked, my cervix is still close. Ive done alot of walking and taking dates. However, i was advise to take coconut water. Can i drink coconut water from the bottle/box type or must it be from the fruit/husk itself? Any advice for me to prepare for this monday as i dont want my induction to prolong due to my close cervix. Thanks

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Try to have an open mind if things doesnt go into plan. The chances of csect for induce is higher compared to natural dilation. You can try engaging in sexual intercourse with your husband, do ALOT ALOT ALOT of squats. You can also do kegel exercise then push slowly like you want to s***, this will help your cervix be softer and to push baby down as well. As for me, i just drink coconut from the box, baby came out clean too. Hope this helps. And even if your birth plan does not go in order, do not be saddened about it. As long as mummy and baby healthy, that all matters! Hope you have a safe delivery!

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2y ago

Awww thank you for the encouraging words. Ill take note of it. The problem of sexual intercourse i tried but dont seem to enjoy it. Quite painful and uncomfortable for me. But i guess i have to try to give the best shot. Im open to options as what u said as long as healthy for me and baby. But if things can be prevented i would my give the best shot. Thanks again ❤ congrats on ur new arrival btw.

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You can drink from bottle but best is to drink directly from the fruit. Maybe you can try to talk more to baby (tell the baby to faster come out and meet you) and do more sqauts. Actually induced labour is not as bad as you think. Just don't be overly stressed by it. Hope you have a smooth delivery!

From the fruit. The box water is no good. Stay calm. Inducing is not bad. As long as baby is healhthy, us as mothers have to do what we need to do

Directly from husk is recommended, but I couldn’t get my hands on them so I drank those packaged ones 😂 baby came out pretty clean too!

2y ago

I see. Ill try get the husk if possible. If cant then prolly get the package ones hehe. Thank you ❤

Try eating pineapples. I heard it can induce labour easily!

Best is to drink directly from the husk itself

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Better to drink from the husk. Take care!

Hi, take it from fruit/husk itself

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Best to drink from the fruit

Fruit directly and coco max!