When should I start to drink coconut water? Can I drink those in can type or must be fresh coconut? How many times a week should I drink coconut water? I don't know when to start and what type of coconut should I drink. Green or brown?

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Drink fresh coconut during the third trimester of your pregnancy. I drink it 2 times a week and it must be green type of coconut (big coconut not the small type of Thai coconut).

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i would say depending on your body type. i didnt drink at all because my body was too cooling. triggered asthma. if you can drink, green young coconut. but in moderation

Best to get the fresh coconut (green ones). I drank it towards the end of my last trimester at around week 36. Drink it once or twice a week

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Of what benefit it is to the fetus?

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Green coconut. Must drink fresh one, not those canned types. Few time a week is enough starting from final trimester. :)

I had it during my 3rd trimester, 2wice a week.. Fresh green coconut. Most fruit juice stall will have them..

U must drink from fresh coconut. Can start to drink from 24 weeks onwards.

3rd trimester can start drinking.. twice a week

The baby will come out quite clean.