coconut water - fresh or canned?

Hi mums, is it ok to drink canned or bottled coconut water or must it be fresh coconut water? I feel it's quite troublesome to buy home and chop up the coconut, and if I want to drink it everyday, it means I need to make a trip to the food centre every time?

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Fresh coconut water. U can just go to any fruit stalls selling fresh coconut and ask the seller to open it for u to drink. I did for both pregnancies. Canned types not effective.

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I buy fresh. Troublesome, yes. Sometimes the water very little. But i feel at ease knowing its not canned(processed). 😅

Drink during third trimester, once or twice a week will do.. gonna be too cooling for body if u drink it daily.

Thai coconut no need to chop, just open it. It’s natural less contain sugar, coconut in can contain sugar.

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Supermarkets have those that are fresh and already opened for u and u just need to open it

Buy fresh small coconut. Some (or maybe all) fruits stall help to chop for u.

Fresh ones are always better. You can buy those pre cut coconuts at ntuc

Yeah should be fine. But of cos best is if drink from the fruit itself.

Fresh one is better. Can buy those that are readily open ones

When is the good time to drink coconut water?