the flu jab and whooping cough jap.

Has anyone took the jab before? Can share experience. Cause today i took both jab and its killing me. My body is aching plus the place where the nurse jab is still sore even when i already compress with ice.

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Took both and they jab both arms. Couldnt sleep for 2 days cos one arm was sore as I have to sleep sideways! Haha but it will go away after a few days and trust me you will feel a whole 💪🏻 and till now I catch sniffles easily Alhamdulilah ❤️ Hang in there!

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For me I don't have lasting soreness after jabs but for these two vaccines, it was so sore for 2 weeks. But it was so effective. Shared food with my 2yr old sick nephew, not even a sniffle

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But im having cough after the jab.

I took the jab on separate days and couldn’t sleep on the jab area for three days. Body ached a little and felt weak. But after the third day everything went back to normal!

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Yes took it for both my pregnancies. It’s normal to feel soreness at the jab area. I experienced the soreness for around 2 weeks plus.

I felt fine... maybe a bit sore at the jab area and arm but it’s the side effect. Rest well and drink plenty of water

Yup took it. The sore was longer than the other flu jab. Nurse did mention is normal to be sore or even fever

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Yes took both, but at different appointments. The pain level differs from individual to individual

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Yeah took whooping cough jab. Normal to feel sore for a few days, after tht it will be fine :)

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Yes it’s like that.. but should settle in a couple of days. Try to get some rest:)

Nope I'm good... Taking both of them important drinking more water n rest.... Gws