Severe Vomiting All Day Sickness

Had severe nausea since week 4. Im currently at week 7. My first pregnancy only had morning sickness but this round it was whole day sickness

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Will u be going for the NIPT test soon? Cux gynae advise to go at week 20. Which is in 2 weeks time.....

Me too having nausea and headache all day. Doctor prescribed me the the pills for to take before food. At least 3 times a day. I took it before I eat. So I won't vomit every time. This o Pregnancy has so much of motion sickness. Can even tahan taking the bus or crowded places. I'm on my 8 weeks today.

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1y ago

Yes, cux i also heard carrying girl will slightly hv more morning sickness and all. 😂

Hi, perhaps you want to take some reference from this article? And also it might help to have some plain biscuits beside your bedside it may help as well. Take care :)

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1y ago

Tq jayel! Yes i did munch on crackers the moment i need to wake. At the same time i must pop the anti vomit pill gynae prescribe. Or else i will still vomit even though theres no food ingested at all... The feeling is horrible

Try lemon juice

Perhaps u can get doctor to prescribe anti-nausea pills to ease urself. In the meantime do try to have little snacks and drink sips of water in between and not to leave ur tummy empty. And of course rest well.

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1y ago

Same here 7 weeks pregnant. And I also vommits almost everyday. Kind weird but I vommint before I eat my meal. And I also feels my baby is a girl

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Try eating smaller portion

1y ago

😭😭😭. Tq mummy.

Take food that contains vitamin B6 to ease morning sickness e.g. 2 portions of banana and multivitamins.

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hope you feel better soon as your pregnancy advances 💕

Me too. So serious that I keep vomit everyday and feeling giddy. Force to drink water but could not as i feel like vomiting once I drink.