Is bloatedness and no appetite start of morning sickness?

Currently pregnant at 6 weeks going 7. Been feeling very bloated and no appetite. Whenever I eat something I feel full very easily. Is this the start of morning sickness? For my first pregnancy I had bad morning sickness starting from 5 weeks. This time round just nausea but no vomiting. Gynae prescribed some med for stomach wind. Any mummies experiencing this during 2nd pregnancy?

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I didnt have much appetite since wk 6. Though now at wk 13 i have better appetite, i still cant finish my food. N i feel bloated at times for whole day and cant really eat anyting. My prev pregnancy was totally ok!

6mo ago

I am feeling nausea everyday too. I’m 8 weeks + now. I’m taking diclectin but still feeling so terrible everyday… I have not vomited but the nauseated feeling is very bad for me ☹️

Every pregnancy is different. You may experience different degree of morning sickness that may come and go. Can try some ginger tea to help alleviate the symptoms.

morning sickness is just vomiting so no this is not