Morning sickness symptoms better (?)

Hi all, I’m currently week 8 day 1 of my first pregnancy. I’ve been having really terrible nausea with no vomiting that last throughout the entire day for the past 2-3 weeks that was super uncomfortable. However since ytd At week 8 I noticed my nausea symptom got better and I don’t experience it? Like a good 80-90% better. My breasts still feel very tender and sore to touch. I read that normally morning sickness symptoms will only improve after first trimester. Which is too early for week 8? Is anyone experiencing the same as me? Or this is normal? Thank you ladies.

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Hi, My experience is about the same. Am at the start of week 8 too. Had bad nausea and headaches for the last 2-3 weeks but symptoms seem to have improved a lot suddenly yesterday. Also wondering if there’s anything I need to be concerned about.

It comes and goes, as long as you don't feel pain or have bleeding. I had a few good days during my week 8 too and wondered the same thing - but had an ultrasound yesterday and baby was growing well! Enjoy those "off" days :)

As long as you do not have any bleeding, painful cramps, it should be ok & pretty normal. I had morning sickness for only a few weeks too & then it subsided. My breasts are still sore and tender till today - 20 wks +