Morning Sickness or Nausea?

Hi , I am suppose to be in week 7 but never had any nausea or morning sickness. There was once in week 5/6 in a dream i had nausea. Does most of you have morning sickness ? Or some of you do not have at all?

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U r blessed with no morning sickness. Trust me. It's not not good to have morning sickness. I have it for my two pregnancy. 1st preg puke 4 times a day right after every meals and lost 3kg within 5 weeks. 2nd preg took dilectin to reduce puke but still puke once in a while. But loss of appetite coz scare to puke. After every puke, u will feel so miserable.. I always weep in toilet while puking.. I tried to stay home all the times coz i dont know when i need to puke

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you are blessed... I had morning sickness till 7 months🙄first 3 months can't even drink water I used to puke even after drinking was very difficult , couldn't eat anything or drink I lost 5-6 kgs and became so thin..from mrng till night I used to puke..2nd trimester it was 4 times a day and gradually started to increase my weight..last trimester I came to my mommy home , I didn't cook may be that is why my nausea stopped..every pregnancy is different

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I am at week 5 and so far no morning sickness, any form of vomiting, nor any specific cravings. I feel a bit left out because that’s what everyone is asking me if I’ve experienced it or not. What I care most about if my baby is healthy, is it normal?

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its normal... i didnt feel anything at week 5 too. usually symptoms will start to appear week 6-8...

My LO is 4mths now. Through out this pregnancy, i did not experience any MS,discomfort,cravings etc. Only twice or thrice fainting spells. It is really true when experienced moms said every pregnancy is different!

It's a good thing if you got no morning sickness. No vomiting nause for me. However I had poor appetite from week 6-12. All I wanted was Milo & biscuits/bread or soup.

Me in week 7 too, but no morning sickness l, more towards frequent urine. i do have friend with no morning sickness during her 2 pregnancy.

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Not everyone will have morning sickness. I didn’t have for my first pregnancy and had, for a while, for my recent one.

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It start to kick in at 6 slowly. It hit me the worse at 10 . However mine is just gagging. No vomiting

Not everyone suffers from MS. some have no symptoms at all. dun worry too much abt it. 😊

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wow wat a relief to read this. im in week 7 with no symptons except sometimes feel tired for no reason and frequent urination.

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