My friend's husband is constantly shouting at her (regardless of location). Her husband can just shout at her inside a crowded supermarket or mall. My friend temper is not that good so when things are not in her way, she might showing black face to her husband, then her husband will shout at her saying "I hate you like this! I think we cant get along, we cant go out together! I think we are not suitable" My friend is very sad as she thought her husband should be able to know her temper, but seems like her husband cant accept the whole of herself. What should she does?

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I think both parties need to tone down their temper. seems like the husband's temper is not very good too. I have a couple friend who is like this too. The woman was very bad tempered last time but her husband is as well. So a lot of conflicts. That's why these days I think maybe opposites can complement each other well. The lady tone down her temper a lot these few years because keep quarreling and also mention divorce many times. But for the sake of kids she felt she need to change. Even though we are supposed to accept each other for who we are but it doesn't harm for us to improve on certain areas. Does your friend still love her husband? If yes why don't she try to control her temper more and also get her to tell her husband that she is making efforts and that her husband must be patient to let her slowly change. The husband must also learn to be more patient and tolerant. It takes two hands to clap. If both love each other and kids are involved they should try to compromise and change their behaviour

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