texting female colleague at night

Do you think it is acceptable for husband to text his female colleague at night ? My husband has been texting his female colleague whom he said was his good friend at night .. i saw the convo, some are quite intense .. for example, the good friend said that my husband is spoiling her... , or my husband sending her to work and when she shared with my husband that her bf doesnt care when someone was hitting up on her , my husband response was "how dare he..".. Am i thinking too much...

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I won’t mind if it’s work related or he shares with you what he’s texting about. Have a good chat with him that you’re not ok with what he’s doing (sending the lady to work, texting after office hours about personal issues, etc). We can never know what her intentions are but best to communicate with your husband to straighten things out.

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If is work related is fine, other than that no. Even if is work related but not urgent then even night time should be avoided. How would he feel if you are doing that with another man? Whether he has something on with that lady, he should stop it. Tell him you are uncomfortable with his act.


No u didnt think too much. This is not usual n not normal n unacceptable. I dont believe bestfriend between a guy n a woman, it is always one sides love or both. Please talk nicely n give a soft warning to your hubby, dont regret later. Cheers strong mummy ❤️

I wouldn't be okay if my husband is sending her to office . Texting is okay if its something important that needs to be shared

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It’s not acceptable. Too “close” for comfort

Keep an eye on ur hub.


Doesn't sound normal

I don't like that