How do you coax your 2 month old baby to sleep? Which method is the most effective (pacifier, cry it out, soothing, rocking)?

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With my LO, the easiet way is breastfeed him, direct latch. There are researches saying crying it out method will make baby depress, esp as young as yours. So i personally do not suggest this too. You may want to have a bedtime routine, which will give cues to your baby that bedtime is nearer. Eg one hour before sleep, stop active play, read beditime book, dim the light, have a warm bath, then massage his body. Once he get used to the routine,he'll be calmer and easier to fall asleep. He is still young and depends on you, so it's ok to rock/hug/carry him till sleep too while establishing the bedtime routine.

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I dl her and she will just sleep. Bedtime routine is good to let her differentiate day and night, and night is time for bed. I'll keep room lights dim and sleep beside her. She wont make a fuss even if i fall asleep before she does, provided she is already fed.

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I rock her or let her latch on. She falls asleep easiest after latching.