Do you ever feel that your MIL just wants to dictate how everything should be done for your baby? Right down to how much breastmilk you’re feeding... I don’t know if it’s my hormones but Im starting to get extremely upset with how she’s commenting about everything. As though I don’t want the best for my newborn.

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Hi mummy, you are not alone. I can't comment on your MIL but think of it that she also wants the best for your baby. I know it can be super frustrating... perhaps some things just let it go, but some things if you know you cannot accept, communicate it to her. Jia you!!

Hi dear, sometimes they just like to comment and be involved. If it's affecting your mood, perhaps you should open up and communicate with her, that ultimately of course you'll still want the best for your child. I hope she'll understand :)


Let comments enter one ear and out the other. Try to put boundaries when it comes to raising your kids. You can share facts and information direct from the web should mil be espousing old wives tale in caring for your baby

Hi yes, it’s absolutely normal 😆 we have all gone through it. Not just MIL, Mothers are the same too. On the plus side they are probably just trying to help out, but yes it can get really irritating 😀

totally!! LOL my mil LOVES to tell me how she raised her sons n i should follow not only that ok.. she takes my baby away from me n tells the world she knows my daughter better than me. so irritating

Ha, this often happens - they mean well but can be v frustrating. Just roll with it unless it gets really bad then maybe get your hub to have a polite word (last resort though!)

Lolx.. not jus my mil , cannot even tahan my mum.. but to be frank, they jus meant well, its just not how we can accept.. try get your hub talk to her

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Ugh. Try to ignore as much as possible. You know what is best for your baby not your MIL.

It happens. But it’s your baby, not hers.

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Yep absolutely! Just ignore them ya