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How much breast milk do you all manage to pump out per session? And how long does it take? I seem to be able to pump out only 30ml for both breasts and it takes about ½ hour. It’s so frustrating. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. I’m using the Spectra M1. It doesn’t seem to be pumping out much. Most of the milk comes from me compressing my breasts. My baby is 4 weeks old fyi.

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It’s Low in the beginning for myself as well. Will gradually increase. In the first month, my confinement nanny prepared for me red date tea and oatmeal for breakfast. I had fenugreek and domperidone prescribed to me by my Dr. I took lactation bakes as well. And tried to stick to a regular pumping routine (3-hly). Did power pump a few times.. I was also anxious to keep up my milk supply. By the end of the first month I am yielding close to a 100ml. My bb is nearing bc 2 months and my supply has increased to about 130 ml . Perhaps try methods of all sorts

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3y ago

Oh and eat lots of fish too!

I am an exclusive pumper. During the first few days of pumping, it was also a dissappointment as my yield was similar to yours. So i started to pump every 2/3 hours, and i noticed that it started to increase gradually. I hv always stick to a 20 mins pumping per session. Now at 2.5 months, i am able to get like up to 120 to 180ml altogether per session. I recc using a double breast pump and yes ensure u got the correct flange size. Also, do try to consume more lactation food, like oats, veggies, etx, hope it helps.

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4y ago

Thank you for the advice! 🥰

Do u manage to get letdown? Initially my yield was also quite low as I couldn't get letdown. Not sure whether due to the pump I was using spectra s9. Later bought s1 and my output gradually increased.

4y ago

I am breastfeeding as per normal. Just wanted to pump to store for future when I head back to work.

Super Mum

120-160ml per 30mins session. This is at 5mth. When baby was 4weeks, yield was also around 30-60ml


I can pump about 200ml each session about 30 min 2 hourly at 1 month pp