Any egg lover here? What's your kid's favourite food? My boy loves egg. Nowadays I prepare hard boiled eggs to bring out instead of a bag full of snacks. Any interesting egg recipes to share?

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You can making egg muffins!! The main ingredients will be egg and milk and what else you put in will be optional. Some additional ingredients I'll add on top of egg and milk will be - shredded carrots - shredded zucchini - chopped spinach - shredded chicken - salmon - cheese You can refer to this recipe on how to make it

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Wow. That’s actually a great idea. Prepare hard boiled eggs to bring out for the kids is superb! I’m gonna try it with my kids 😊👍

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Egg mayo sandwiches! Scrambled eggs with cheese! Yes my two boys are egg monsters too but they hate hard boiled eggs though

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I usually just scramble egg with rolled oats TOP with : meat/veg

Thanks F Woon! I think my boy will love this.. Will try it out..

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Your Son is adorable!!!! My daughter loves hard boiled eggs too

Salad with slices of eggs and crouton's! I'm feeling hungry!

sorry to digress but your boy is so handsome!

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Thank you Rosalind! We all have handsome boys..

WOW my first time hearing egg muffins!!!

Scrambled eggs with ham is always good