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Hi mummies. What was the first food you introduced to your baby?
Peach, mango, banana and apple
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Boiled egggg
Apple, sweet potatoes, pear, butternut squash, carrot
Rice cereals
What does your child wants to be when they grow up? My 3.5 yo is so into fireman. He loves to role play and play pretend with us in his fireman outfit 😄😄😄
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I haven't asked my Daughter yet! She's so bossy - so I think she will become a business owner. Lol. Btw your Son is Super duper adorable!
Jts: mummy with toddler, legoland Malaysia is having promo for the month of October. Free entry for kids who dress up in Halloween costume. Bought my boy there yesterday, not crowded and he is able t
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So cute! Thanks for sharing
Cute kid! I'm glad you had fun
At what age does your kids ready to sit down for a proper haircut (previously hated a haircut)? My 3.5 years old Is totally rejecting and at this age distracting is useless. Salon with kiddy rides, Yo
My elder son only enjoy his haircut after 4yo. Before that, every visit was a drama. Wail and scream, and sometimes struggle. Nothing can distract him at all. Then one fine day, he just grew out of it
Is there any activities for a toddler to bond with their newborn sibling?
Even though it's a newborn you can get your older child to help out. Such as taking diapers or clothes for baby.
Yes of course. Take them out to the park. Let them play together.
Any successful vbac mummy here? Care to share your experience? Thanks
Thank you for the helpful advise. My gynae doesn't seem to be very supportive on me doing VBAC thou my #1 is already 3.5 years old. I will go and do more research and discuss with him again.
Hi, my cousin went through vbac without any issues. Your gynae will recommend it only after a thorough assessment. I think the biggest worry is that the C-section stitches would come open during deliv
I was very anxious about getting a VBAC done. But I spoke in great detail to my gynae about the pros and cons and she reassured me that it was nothing to worry about. I ended up having a calm birth an
Anyone has experience pile during pregnancy? Is there anything that can be done or can only endure till give birth? 33 weeks currently
Yes during third trimester. Doc gave me proctocedyl suppository.. It improved after I used it everyday for a week(doc gave me 10 suppository to be used when necessary).. But it came back 2weeks after�
me too but doc cant prescribe any medicine, doc only advise to eat more fiber vegetables and drink more water, my piles already abt one mth still havnt recover 😒doc say even its heal , when u natura
I also had piles for my first pregnancy. It was so painful that I can't even walk. Even after that, I still have piles even though I'm no longer constipated. Drink prune juice will help to prevent you
Most of them will endure till they given birth. My cousin endure it the whole 40weeks of pregnancy
My 3 years old is down with phlegmy cough. Any remedy to clear the phlegm?
Best to see the doctor
See a doc , alternatively u can try giving freshly squeezed ginger juice with lemon juice and honey. Works well for my kids , u can adjust the taste, kids usually won’t prefer the strong ginger taste
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You can try yuguo TCM, I went for my baby over 3 days and see improvement.
Please visit the doctor just to get him checked. Theres so many viruses going around. You can also use Sterimar nasal spray,gently pat his back to loose the mucus and also do a steam room effect in y
Please visit a doctor if still like it tomorrow. Better to be safe and good peace of mind!
Bought my boy to Friso event last weekend @ NEX .. He was having so much fun taking part in their booth activities, learning about the nutrients of the milk and car racing! Friso is currently havi
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He looks so adorable.
Friso always has such cool stuffs!!!
Any tips for leg cramp? Currently 22 weeks and the cramps are getting more and more frequent.
Try putting your leg on a pillow when you sleep at night. It helps to reduce cramp!
Try reduce your salt intake at night as according to my colleagues. Tried and it works for me.. Remember to take calcium too 😊
Hope you are taking your calcium pills regularly? Some studies link reduced levels of calcium in your blood during pregnancy to leg cramps. You should get 1,000 milligrams of calcium a day.
Oh yes, they are so painful. Avoid sitting or standing in one position for a long time. Move around. Try not to sit with your legs crossed. Go for walks regularly and drink plenty of fluids to keep y
Try stretching your calf muscles. Straighten your leg and gently flex your ankle and toes back toward your shins several times.