confinement and breastfeeding

Can eat chocolate cookies in confinement and breastfeeding?Any food need to avoid?

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I ate every night cause dinner was early at 6ish so by 10 I’m hungry again. Even my CL also shared my cookies! Later when baby had some wind issues, we thought it might be the chocolate though so I stopped for awhile

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As with all thing, eat in moderation. Just FYI - chocolate has caffeine. Not a huge amount that it'll affect baby if taken in small amounts but just something to note. Also, it's very high calorie too.

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Sure:) chocolate is awesome. Haha. Some strong tasting foods may affect the taste of the breast milk, but if baby’s fine with it, then it’s okay. Avoid too much alcohol or caffeine.

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No problem can eat chocolate cookies. Just avoid spicy food. But if your baby is having jaundice, please avoid ginger as well.


Hi mummy for me I can't take chocolate whenever I take and latch my baby she will diarrhoea. So you got to take note.

Hey, Yes should be fine but please eat in moderation and keep a check on sugar intake

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Can. Avoid alcohol and raw stuffs. The rest I think in moderation is ok.

Can, but in moderation as may put on weight. Must avoid alcohol.

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Should be OK but in moderation coz of the sugar(: