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Hello ppl I need some tips here.. I'm still in my confinement period but very badly craving to drink coke and eat something which ppl say I can eat for now.. Can I just eat and pump out the milk and throw away? For how long must I avoid breastfeeding?#1stimemom #pleasehelp #firstbaby #advicepls

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Why need to pump out milk and throw away? Unless you’re consuming alcohol. But even if consume alcohol also can drink after pump. And wait 2-3 hrs before pumping again. Not say can’t eat or drink certain food during confinement but is best not to because the body is still recovering. Even if you do drink or eat personally I don’t think there’s a need to throw away the milk

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I assume the worry is on the caffine. Same diet as when you are pregnant, 2 cups per day. Since it is a craving nothing wrong drinking half a can or a can. no need to pump and dump.