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Hi , we were told to avoid caffeine during breastfeeding. Chocolate contain caffeine too , does that mean I cannot eat chocolate or drink chocolate milk throughout my breastfeeding journey ?

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Hello mommy... New mom too? How long have you been breastfeeding? 😊 Breastfed si baby since birth. Now he's 7 months still breastfeeding kami. Last October I was adviced by his pedia to try dieting since ma-allergy ang skin ni baby. She even included cow's milk. (Soya lang allowed). Chocolate also bawal. That was for a month lang just to check if it is caused by my breastmilk. Turns out, Hindi siya factor. We focused instead sa sabon and lotion ni baby. So far we are seeing some changes. Ngayon i eat anything na with moderation of course. 😊 Hindi ako mahilig sa coffee though.

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I can't eat chocolate my baby will have diarrhea if I eat it. normally for coffee best to take right after feeding so it has time to get out of your body before next feed

U can but moderate only like small cut, as sometimes eating chocolate makes ur bb diarrhea

Super Mum

i did not abstain from any foods... in moderation should be fine 💕

Super Mum

i have been drinking a cup of coffee or tea a day

11mo ago

i would usually drink only right after feeding her or make sure it's at least 2hrs before breastfeeding her